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Our Services

Property Investing

Kingsley Property Ltd offer two main services to it’s clients. Sourcing and Joint Ventures. 


1 - Sourcing - Rent 2 Rent, Buy to Rent deals. The sourcing of high quality properties in Portsmouth. We manage the whole buying process for you, liaising with Estate Agent, Landlords and Solicitors to ensure a smooth transaction. Once purchased we can help with refurbishments if required.


2 - Joint Ventures - Buy to Sell projects - The sourcing, refurbishment and sale of the property, aiming for significant profit for both partners. You are the funding partner and Kingsley Property is the delivery company.


Our fees 


The Sourcing fee is 3% of the purchase price, a reservation fee of £1,000 taken from that 3% secures you the deal and is payable to Kingsley Property Ltd. The balance of our fee is due once the property has been legally secured, payable via your solicitors on the date of exchange of the property.


The Joint Ventures agreement shares the profit equally on a 50 - 50 basis after all costs. Costs include buying costs, renovation costs, professional fees and other costs directly attributable to the cost of bringing the project to the market and all selling costs. 


Please note Joint Venture opportunities are only available to customers who can evidence compliance with The Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.





If you would like to talk to us regarding selling your house to us, please fill in the contact form. 

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